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OP-ED: Talking About Parenting: Take time to reconnect with others, unplug from technology

As I write this, the impending weather is looming over our area. What would the next day or so look like? Will it be a ... Read more


More about Electric Reliability Council of Texas

I have not yet heard (what I consider to be) substantive facts about the ERCOT situation. Does this entity have policies and procedures? Does it ... Read more


RE: Climate change expected to increase displacement, migration in Texas

Thanks for the article. We read very little about climate change in Orange County Texas If we don’t talk about it in Orange County, we ... Read more



I do not know what the answer is, I do know it should be up to the people of Texas to decide not the bureaucrats ... Read more

OP-ED: Cities in Texas that need to be moved or renamed

By Charles Gongre If you do much driving in Texas you will come to appreciate the state’s sheer size: miles and miles of Texas! You ... Read more

Letter of introduction: Branch seeks WO mayoral position

To Citizens of the City West Orange, Texas My name is Randy Branch and I live in and am a homeowner in West Orange. I ... Read more

OP-ED: My Five Cents: Texans can use Google Search function to find COVID-19 vaccine information

Things are picking up at the Capitol this week. Senate Finance has begun hearing testimony about the budget and Senate Redistricting is continuing to hear ... Read more

OP-ED: Stress and alcohol can lead to more trouble

Global pandemics are stressful. Unemployment is stressful. Uncertainty about the future is stressful. On and on it goes. There seems to be no shortage of ... Read more

OP-ED: Future forecasting for WOCCISD

In 2015, we conducted a strategic planning meeting with a committee of District stakeholders, including community members, parents,  staff, and board members. Over three days, ... Read more

OP-ED: Texas has the tools to end the rape kit backlog. Let’s use them.

That’s the number of untested rape kits in Texas, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, and more than 1,000 of them sit on ... Read more

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