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OP-ED: My Five Cents: Senate Redistricting Committee begins hearings

On January 25, 1839 the Lone Star flag was adopted by the Third Congress of the Republic of Texas as the national flag since Texas ... Read more

OP-ED: Surplus or Deficit: Pandemic impacts demand budgeting for Texas-sized opportunities

Due primarily to the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas elected officials were bracing for a $4.6 billion budget deficit. However, the Texas ... Read more

OP-ED: Talking About Parenting: Watching as your children turn into young adults

You know how they say your kids will grow up in the blink of an eye? I used to completely disregard that statement, but it’s ... Read more


Letter to The Editor: A pendulum swings in two directions

It is a law of physics that when a pendulum is set in motion, it tends to swing an equal amount in both directions. This ... Read more

OP-ED: Mourning the loss of a friend

Stop spreading the lie that COVID is a political ploy. The election came and went and the virus is still here. It claimed the life ... Read more

OP-ED: Story over a cup: Angels have fur and four legs

The pain is still too raw, my emotions are still jumbled up. We lost Bernie this morning. But I do not want to talk about ... Read more

OP-ED: Survivor starts Reach Out Ministry

My name is Jozette “Jazzy Jo” Waggoner Rubin, I am the 3rd child of seven and a twin. I am happily married of 18 years ... Read more


Letter to The Editor: Locally supported Christmas Project

Despite a global pandemic, residents throughout Golden Triangle TX Area Team shared the true meaning of Christmas with children in need this past holiday season. ... Read more

OP-ED: Veteran Celebrates Nuclear Ban Treaty

As a veteran concerned about issues of war and peace, I am happy to celebrate the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), the important ... Read more

OP-ED: My Five Cents: Looking forward to working on behalf of Senate District 3

The Legislature has ended its first week of session. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Senate has decided to recess until January 26th. However, we ... Read more

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