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A word from the OC Democratic Party Chairman: Why am I a Democrat?

I am a Democrat because I believe in social justice. I believe in equality before the law for every person, regardless of race, religion, gender, ... Read more

Astronauts, Riots, and Pandemics: 2020 vs. 1969

Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared at National Catholic Register. In July 1969, three American astronauts landed on the moon. It wasn’t ... Read more

THE IDLE AMERICAN: Behold, the onion

Describing the onion as a “lowly vegetable” didn’t set well with the late Othal Brand, for 20 years the McAllen, TX, mayor who cleared many ... Read more

Just stop, now

Anyone will agree, 2020 has not been the banner year we want to remember. Starting off with the COVID-19 Crisis, deadly hornets, and now riots. ... Read more

THE IDLE AMERICAN: Look both directions

It’s a parental directive virtually all of us have lodged in our minds dating back to childhood days when our memories started to take root. ... Read more

Story Over a Cup: The day the music died

A long, long time ago, and I can still remember it well, my record player used to make me smile. Yes, I have a record ... Read more

Positive Highlights: Turning a bad situation into a positive new beginning

Ryan Tezeno is from Orange, Texas.  He graduated from West Orange Stark High school in 2012.  He had a dream to pursue in football when ... Read more

Ravi Zacharias: A Tribute

The apostle Peter instructs Christians: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that ... Read more

Gardening is a positive side effect of the times

Our family continues to look for ways to cope with the changes to everyday life that are attributable to the virus. Just like everyone, what ... Read more

Recovering from COVID crisis, higher education should retool around Texas’ needs

The economic calamity caused by the novel coronavirus is creating a surge in young adults with uncertain futures. Many have lost jobs or job offers, ... Read more

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