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OP-Ed: Save our stages

Beyoncé, Willie Nelson, Robert Earl Keen, Selena, George Strait, Usher, Kenny Rogers, Erykah Badu, and Roy Orbison. You’ve likely heard of a few, if not ... Read more

OP-Ed: THE IDLE AMERICAN – An opener like no other

They tried ever so hard to make major league baseball’s opening day seem as normal as possible, for the radio listener or TV viewer anyway. ... Read more

The Orange Leader

Op-Ed: From the City of Orange Mayor – Chaos builds character

In these times of uncertainty, many have fell victim to allowing themselves to take part in the blame game. People are seriously at war with ... Read more

Op-Ed: My Five Cents – A glimpse into what is happening at the State’s Capital

The history of East Texas is rich with stories of Texans fighting for our state’s independence. In July of 1832, an order was given requiring ... Read more


Letter to the editor- RE: Movement afoot by the Democratic party

I read the letter of Arlon Davis which appeared in the weekend edition of The Leader. AS Chairman of the Orange County Democratic Party, I ... Read more

Op-Ed: Talking about parenting – Routines return as we learn compromise

We have begun returning to the evening routine dreaded by my children and wholeheartedly embraced by Christi and myself. Bedtimes. School begins very soon and ... Read more

Nichols cautions local governments against raising property taxes

As a former mayor and city councilman, I understand firsthand the challenges that are presented when balancing a budget – in good times and bad.  ... Read more

Op-Ed: THE IDLE AMERICAN – Laundromat short-cuts

Until mid-twentieth century, most American women had every right to sing “washday blues,” because one day of the week–for most, the longest day–was committed to ... Read more


Op-Ed: Story over a cup – Bill rides again

We should have named Bill, our dog, Houdini. Since they were old enough to walk, Bill has been able to get into and out of ... Read more

Op-Ed: Parents take the small victories for the win

All of my kids will be starting school at the SAME school this year, albeit it different campuses. For the longest that I can remember ... Read more

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