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THE IDLE AMERICAN: That’s the way THEY roll

They are to be commended–the “big box” store planners–for the many “edges” they’ve honed to make it to the ladder’s top for in-store shopping. Who ... Read more

Story Over a Cup: Not enough coffee in the world

I notice that emergency situations and deadlines are never spaced to make life bearable. They always tend to hang around in groups and attack at ... Read more

Letter of Introduction: Willis seeks to continue serving on Pinehurst City Council

Mr. Greg Willis was raised in Orange County where he has made a lasting mark on the entire community. A product of the West Orange-Cove ... Read more

One small statement from CDC, one giant hope for our humanity

I (Leslie) am a clinician and have been for many years. I’ve been Black for many more years, all my life. More than a decade ... Read more

OP-ED: Highlighting teachers from North Early Learning Center

North Early Learning Center is a unique early learning childhood education facility. A significant part of our success is attributed to the number of high-quality ... Read more

OP-ED: Facts are important

This letter is in response to Arlon Davis’s recent factless, unhinged rant against the Democratic Party in a letter that was published last week.  It ... Read more

OP-ED: East Texas 5th grader raises money for slain DPS Trooper’s family

This week the Senate passed Senate Bill 1, the Senate’s version of the budget for this year. The budget includes over $11 billion for children ... Read more

Letter of Introduction: Bailey seeks City Council Place 1

My name is David C. Bailey and I am 60 years old and formally announcing my candidacy for Orange City Council Place 1. I am ... Read more

OP-ED: Are you a ‘low-quality’ voter?

Hey, you, get away from those polling places! We don’t want your kind here! Scram! That’s a stupid, shameful, and ultimately self-defeating political message, yet ... Read more

OP-ED: The Assault on Winston Churchill

Editor’s note: A shorter version of this article first appeared at Newsweek. Dr. Gary Scott Smith is the author of the new book, “Duty and Destiny: The ... Read more

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