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Ask Rusty – Will My UK Pension Affect My US Social Security?

Dear Rusty: I am 57 years old, was born in the UK, and since 1988 have worked in the US. I have always paid US taxes ... Read more

2 mins ago by Dawn Burleigh.

Little bug turning crape myrtles into ugly lawn blemish

JACKSON, Miss. – Crape myrtles are a common sight to Mississippians. From its colorful flower clusters to spectacular trunk colors, crape myrtles are a favorite in ... Read more

14 hours ago by Dawn Burleigh.

Dairy goats gain popularity with small farmers, 4-Hers

By Susan Collins-Smith MSU Extension Service RAYMOND, Miss. — Dairy goats make up a niche market of the Mississippi livestock industry, but their popularity is ... Read more

15 hours ago by Dawn Burleigh.

Good bugs all flew away

Live and learn, Eh? And sometimes relearn, which happened last week when I made a critical error when applying a natural insecticide. Let me set ... Read more

16 hours ago by Dawn Burleigh.

Today is June 13

Abused Women’s and Children’s Awareness Day Domestic Violence Advice A man who beats a woman will do it again. And again. And again. There are ... Read more

24 hours ago by Dawn Burleigh.

FAITH: Hearts in Touch: Planting prayers along the way

I’m not going to say sports are important to my family, but once before making an appointment for her surgery, my Dad asked my Mom ... Read more

1 day ago by Dawn Burleigh.

Alzheimer’s Insights: FDA approves new Alzheimer’s treatment

The approval of the drug aducanumab by the Food & Drug Administration for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease marks a new day for millions of Americans. ... Read more

1 day ago by Dawn Burleigh.

Today is June 12

How June got its name (And other fun facts) There are 12 months in a year, and each has it’s own unique name. Have you ... Read more

2 days ago by Dawn Burleigh.

Faith Calendar 6.12.21

Gather OC Young adults residing in the Orange area are invited to participate in GATHER OC, a relaxed worship and learning time, designed for single ... Read more

2 days ago by Dawn Burleigh.

Master Gardeners: Summer flowers for Southern gardens

By Sheri Bethard Orange County Master Gardeners Spring has definitely passed us now and summer is here for the next several months. So, this means ... Read more

2 days ago by Dawn Burleigh.

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